Topic: Project motors and gearboxes, oh my!

Time to parse the projects.

I acquired a Ford F59 truck for - well, I thought it was a good idea.

I was going to use it to empty a storage unit with the contents of my house, and then for deliveries. And then sell it.

Turns out, it was a sewer inspection and grout-sealing truck. And came with all the equipment in the back. Which was not listed in the internet advertisement...

So no room in the back to put anything, to empty the storage unit.

Came with 3 massive reel/winches, ~1/4 mile video inspection unit cable [scrapped - older technology], ~500' of 4-line pneumatic hose [trashed: plastic and broken, not worth saving], ~800' 12/4 electric cable still on the reel/winch currently with 3-phase plugs, inspection crawlers, video camera unit...

And, Oh yes: integrated diesel generator, air compressor, water tank, sink, counter, cabinets....

And an engineering console in the front which can [could - I disassembled most of it] control everything from inside.

So I have left-over parts I'm loathe to get rid of just for scrap metal prices.

I have two 12V electric motors and 5[?]-speed Tecumseh gearboxes for chain-driven electric winches. Tranny model number looks like it also goes to things like zero-turn mowers. Chains which drive the winches.

I have one household A/C motor for the electric power cable winch.

I have two plastic material tanks for the grout catalysts. Latching lids and drains at the bottom.

I have an air-powered pump. Several sets of pressure-monitoring components for each of the pneumatic lines

And three Hannay reel/winches of various types.

I was thinking of the electric motors and gearboxes for an electric cart, but I don't have any other parts, and I need to parse my projects.

Anyone interested in any of the above? All offers gratefully considered. Southeastern PA.