Topic: Partner for Escape from Moscow?

Well, I just found out I'm probably not racing at Barber, so, I'm interested in doing the rally.  Anyone else interested and want to tag along?  Ideally would want one or two others to split costs.  We'd either be taking my 2007 Honda Civic Si or, if it's ready, my 2004 Mercedes S-Class (which, believe it or not, is the more lemony car - $800, needs a $600 AMG engine from a scrapyard).  Only issue is, you have to get back - I'm leaving from Raleigh, NC, to head up to Maryland, but at the end, I'll be heading down to New Orleans.  So, could drop you off at the airport Friday, or any airport between (and including) Birmingham and New Orleans late on Sunday (or other means of transport).  Or you could stay and vacation in New Orleans and ride back on Friday!  Just kidding (mostly).  I may be crazy for considering doing this with a stranger, but, I Uber-ed a cracked-out stripper to a city 3-hours away one time (in the Civic Si, no less), so, I feel like I can handle most people's personalities.  Is it even still possible to register for this?

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