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Anything by Dick Dale

Silent But Deadly Racing-  Ricky Bobby's Laughing Clown Malt Liquor Thunderbird , Datsun 510, 87 Mustang (The Race Team Formerly Known as Prince), 72 Pinto Squire waggy, Parnelli Jones 67 Galaxie, Turbo Coupe Surf wagon.(The Surfin Bird), Squatting Dogs In Tracksuits,  Space Pants!  Roy Fuckin Kent and The tribute to a tribute to a tribute THUNDERBIRD/ SUNDAHBADOH!

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Cake is full of appropriate  songs. 

Carbon Monoxide:

Easy to Crash: … mp;index=8

Long Line of Cars: … mp;index=8

Alpha Beta Parking Lot: … p;index=10

Stickshits and Safety Belts: … mp;index=8

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Johnny Cash - One Piece at a Time.
I don't think I saw Bitchin Camero by the Dead Milkmen
Devil in My Car by the B52s
Big Car by Severed Heads.

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Halestorm Don’t Know How to Stop.

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"Manic Mechanic", by ZZ Top (Deguello)
"I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide", by ZZ Top (Deguello)
"Copperhead Road", by Steve Earl
"409", The Beach Boys
"Eastbound and Down", by Jerry Reed (Smokey and the Bandit theme)

and our car's personal theme: "Ode to My Car" (aka - Piece of Sh** Car"),  by Adam Sandler (G and PG-13 versions available online) - … rt_radio=1  (G/PG version)  (PG-13 version)

For more mellow stuff:

"Little Old Lady From Pasadena", Jan & Dean or the Beach Boys
"Deadman's Curve", Jan & Dean
"Beep Beep", by the Playmates (the Nash Rambler song)