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Was just at the SSCA Time trials races this past weekend at Road Atlanta. Will be going to the Trans Am races this coming weekend also at Road Atlanta. Spectators allowed at both. Kinda a bummer that Lemons is afraid spectators will line the fence 5 deep to watch “our crappy little race” and won’t let them in.

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Other larger organizations have a much larger staff.....and also stand to gain more financially from having larger crowds....
Just my humble opinion..YMMV

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I crewed a couple SCCA events this year and was less than impressed by their Covid policies and participants adherence to them.  Lemons did a great job (IMO) of keeping mostly essential people there and separated. Night and day difference.

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I’ve attended several Scca events at Road Atlanta. The crowds were minimal at best. I could drive to anyplace on the track I wanted to spectate with no issues. Road Atlanta isn’t CMP where the spectators are limited to a very small viewing area compared to the size of the track. As far as staffing I can’t imagine that at any point in the weekend will they just close the front gate.

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You can disagree all you want, but if HQ has decided that one of the things they need to do in order to safely run races is to limit the number of people gathering in one area by not allowing spectators, that's what they're going to do. Try to be happy that they are running races at all instead of just writing a whole year off.

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Hey I'm a Newbie so my opinions have little value.... But I was impressed and appreciated the mask and distancing discipline at the NH Race.  My wife has some health issues and she was able to safely participate that weekend. ( plus I'm old and fat which ain't exactly a recipe for covid success  ) .

my two cents...


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JCH wrote:

As far as staffing I can’t imagine that at any point in the weekend will they just close the front gate.

Check the race info.  The gate has limited hours.  Multiple people were stuck outside the gates overnight at both CMP and NH...

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Jay's sand box.  Jay's rules.

I am amazed anyone has their knickers in a twist about safety protocols in a WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC while trying to race $500 rust buckets.

If missing out on a little playtime saves even 1 life, the precaution is worth it.

"Oh Bob, covid only kills 5% of its victims.  You are paranoid"

"You are right Mr. Ostrich.   But the other 95 % can suffer from lifetime organ damage and $100,000 's of hospital bills.  I would rather be a polite, aware neighbor, avoid unnecessary contact and wear a Damn mask if it might save my family and neighbors from contracting the sneaky silent disease"

I constantly meet people who do not understand their mask protects their community, not just the face it covers.

See you at the race Mr. Ostrich!!

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Welcome to the club.
You are 100% correct.  Glad you both could safely participate

You paid your fee just like the rest of us.  Your opinion is exactly as important as Mr. Ostrich's opinion or mine.

That is to say, not important at all.
Jay's race. Jay's rules.

See you on the track. 


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A lot of folks really can't shake the "Club Racing" vibe can they?

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