Topic: Grosjean F1 crash analysis/review

Very interesting/informative video, I thought

Seems like this happens when a car cuts across the track, and clips/contacts its rear on someone else's front....and loses control...especially if the tires have contact
(Similar to the BMW 666 car flip in Lemons?)

Anyway, I was just thinking as the captain, sole owner, team leader/organizer for my fairly regular group, that I really should be responsible and have a practice emergency exit before each race on Friday for each member of the team.
Just in case of Flip or Fire, get the F*** out....really seems the only reason to get out on/during a hot track....
And probably good to practice out the window, not out the door, since the door in a crash is likely to be stuck, and a waste of time trying to open, looking for the handle...

The safety equipment is amazing, but driver still needs to be prepared....

Anyways, I guess this crash is much worse than anything that might happen in Lemons, but if you factor in how amateur, out of shape, un practiced, etc. I (and probably many like me) happen to be, a less severe accident may still have horrific repercussions.....

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Re: Grosjean F1 crash analysis/review

Practice getting out _both_ sides, with power off and fire suppressor release order?

Re: Grosjean F1 crash analysis/review

This reminds me of The Chieftain's "Oh no, the tank is on fire" segment on his "Inside the Chieftain's hatch" series of tank/td/afv videos.