Topic: Replacement Race Patch

Got married last November (thank you, thank you), and the wife moved into my house.  In her efforts to de-bachelor-fy it, she started cleaning and moving stuff.  In one of the piles she deemed to clean was my race patch from 24 hours at CMP last Sept.  Why she thought a stack of loose papers and receipts was garbage, who can say tongue but of course I knew the patch was in there.
Normally it wouldn't be a big deal, but that was my first top 10 finish and first "podium" in class (we finished 3rd in B, go Red Ace Racing!!).  Anybody have a spare patch from that race they'd like to sell me?  Does Lemons keep extra patches I could buy (didn't see them in the store)?

Thanks for the help.  And yes, once she realized what was in there, she felt very guilty, so getting a new one would greatly improve her conscience.  Help keep my first year of marriage happy!

Re: Replacement Race Patch

Email Nick.  They often have extras.

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