Re: Who’s going to Sebring?

cheseroo wrote:
therood wrote:

[Scribbles notes: "Look for cheaty reflashed RX-8 ECU"]

Gotta say the quiet part quietly next time.

Methinks you don't need to worry much there.  On a stock engine it adds about 5hp and negligible torque.  On a ported engine with headers/ignition/exhaust it adds about 30hp to near 250hp but torque is still 160ish.  Plus you gotta spend all your time about 8000 RPM to get that.   If they run a stock fuel tank (16 gal), those boys will have plenty of opportunity to get pit speeding tickets.  Sorta like an E46 with big block Chevy fuel consumption and no torque. 

Domination awaits.

It's the implication, not the performance improvement...

That monster aftermarket rear swaybar doesn't really add that much, but we all go through the trouble of painting it flat black and tossing some dirt on it.

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