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Finally organizing our cage build and ordering pipe. We're in an AW11 MR2 which is already tricky, but I'm trying to get some clarity on the 6" comment for the backstays.
Rules say it can be a max of 6" from the top of the main hoop, does this mean that I can move the backstay connection point anywhere along the rear roll bar or does it have to be at the top horizontal? (left image in red markup is the other connection option I'm asking about)

Re: Roll cage backstay clarification

That is my interpretation, and I have done that and passed tech. That said, I'm just some guy on the internet, and you should email the Evil Genius for authoritative guidance.

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Re: Roll cage backstay clarification

In the red areas on the left look okay, as always I would send a note to Pagel and explain what you want to do. He has done a lot of cages and may also have some tips and tricks.

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Re: Roll cage backstay clarification

Just got a reply from John via email. Totally fine with connecting it lower on the main hoop.
For reference in case anyone else searches this topic