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Above is the link to a Youtube site I have created for the purpose of broadcasting the Lemons race from our car live.  Unfortunately, Youtube requires us to have 1000 subscribers to activate the feature.  My team would be grateful if everyone would consider helping out and subscribing.  We do not intend to make any money or send any solicitations. This is for the sole purpose of allowing friends and family to view future races live, if we can make it work.

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got you 1....Cmon Guys this sounds cool!

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You do not need 1000 subscribers to live stream. That requirement applies only to streaming from the mobile app on your phone. There are other ways around it. I think you can load up the youtube page in a browser and do it from there, or you can use cameras like the Yi that have livestream ability baked in.

I've been live streaming races for years and years now and we do not have 1000 subscribers, I think i have like 29. Our setup is more complicated, but it works. I feed a gopro into a cervo live shell 2 which is connected to a portable hot spot. The live shell lets you tweak stream settings remotely so you can adjust to cell conditions at each track, which is handy for preventing stuttering or pausing video streams. But it's a pricy box. People have been having good luck with just the Yi action cam and a hot spot.

Edit, they may have killed the loophole that let you load youtube in a browser on your phone and stream from there. 2 minutes of re-testing shows it doesn't work anymore for me. But you can still do it from streaming devices. Proof:  someday i'll start using the futility motorsport channel I created instead of my personal one. someday.

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Attempted to live stream w/ facebook, but when signal would drop, the plan failed.  We will try again at road atlanta w/ Go Pro live.   Thanks for the interest.