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So, we found out at CMP that a banjo bolt on a brake caliper can back out a little and leak enough fluid to have total brake failure.  (sorry again Miata guys).  Shortly after learning the brake failure part, we also learned that chains can create sparks that can ignite gas from a gas tank after hitting a Miata while going backwards.  (PSA, don't use chains for tow points, and if you see some fools, you know, like us who used chains for tow points, please let them know this is stupid.) 

So, long story short, does anyone have pictures of the Corvette that was on fire from CMP?  The Corvette that will soon have a fire suppression nozzle at the gas tank too.

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I think chains are fine as long as they aren't dragging on the ground. It might just be this class C guy, though.

I prefer not to hit Miatas, as their captains tend to be... occasionally combative. 1/2. Both times we were hurt worse, only one time was the other team not confrontational.

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@Rocky, Sorry to dig up a 2-yr old thread, but was curious if you ever found any pics/video?  I was the guy that ran down with the extinguisher and put out the flames on the rear end.  I recently re-told this story to some of my other motorsport buddies and was trying to search for pics/video, but haven't found anything so far.