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Just Got Gifted a 2001 G20t 5 speed (With LSD) (And Documentation) including Registration into it for <$200 seems like a great starting point for a reliable inexpensive Lemons candidate, (rally or endurance)  I'm not into the Motorsports "scene" up here But have competed in 1 Lemons event. So I am familiar with the process. and have been in Nissans of varying disciplines for almost 20 years.  But Would need to find a good group of locals to do the build with  Wrenching nights and weekends.   Have Welder, Cold beer and Garage!

Without a Team I'll just fix it up and sell it to someone else..  But Part of my agreement with the previous owner is it would become some sort of competition vehicle.

email me or discuss here


Re: Gauging interest in the Eastern PA/NJ area

You'll probably need to be more specific about your location

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