Topic: "Late Night Lemons" spinoff iRacing league (Tuesdays 9pm PST)

Hey folks - a few weeks ago some of us started a spinoff league to run at later times, for people with kids/insomnia/etc. We race on Tuesdays at 9pm, with a practice on Saturday and another one on Monday. We are all taking turns to pick the track/car combo. Tomorrow is the Global MX-5 at Road America - 20 mins prac, 10 open qualifying and 20 race.

There are seven of us so far with a mixture of skills. Mostly meatspace Lemons racers. We're all very nice.

Search in the league thingy for "Late Night Lemons". I will accept any applications whatsoever as we're not picky.


Re: "Late Night Lemons" spinoff iRacing league (Tuesdays 9pm PST)

I ought to point out that the way we communicate in this league is via a Facebook Messenger group. This was not a strategic business decision, it's just how it ended up, because we're all middle-aged.

If you join this and want to know when the next races are, find me on Facebook (we probably have mutual friends) or message me here.