Topic: Footage request: 2:40am at Detroit-ish 08

Our Detroit 08 race ended with an unfortunate (and in our fuzzy memories, unavoidable) crash in the wee hours of the morning.  Seeing our car pushed off the track in First Blood's documentary made me realize that other teams might have caught the crash or its immediate aftermath on tape.

So, does anyone have video of our poor beaver (#93 civic, brown, white teeth) getting whacked?  It happened by the pit exit to the left of the pit stands at about 2:40am in the morning.

We also have a bunch of footage (in-car and from the stands) if other teams want some.

Which gives me an idea: how about a footage-trading forum?  I'm sure there's lots of teams that inadvertently record significant events in other team's races, and having a place to exchange those videos would probably be useful.

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Re: Footage request: 2:40am at Detroit-ish 08

i think that's kinda the point here. btw, hello from the #42 White Crown Vic ( parked 2 pits over. I think we died almost the same time...cept we were in 11th...still miffs me we didn't finish, heh.