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I am heading to my first Lemons weekend in December, I am super excited.

What does getting Fuel down the hill to the hot pits look like? 

I see a few options but I don’t know what’s allowed / expected.

•    Truck (the rules talk about someone gear checking at the entry so I expect this is a no no)
•    Golf Kart (I can bum one for the weekend if allowed) 
•    Wagon
•    Person lugs

Thanks for the help!

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I recommend using a small wagon.  Most teams have wagons (or similar sized carts) for hauling fuel jugs, fire extinguisher, and drip pans to the hot pits. Small garden wagons or the folding type wagons work well for two cans, bigger wagons work for 3 or 4 jugs.  You could hand carry them, but it might be a hike from your paddock. You can pull the wagon through the gate to the hot pits and unload right beside whatever spot you pick for pitting.  A golf cart would have to be left outside the gate, and most tracks don't have a lot of space next to the gate to the pits - I don't specifically recall how much space Atlanta has.

Folding wagons take up less room in the trailer between races.

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