Topic: Colonel Angus needs your help! (Sonoma Raceway 12/2/2022)

Hi folks,

  So I've got myseif into a bind and bit off a whole lot more than I can chew. I've got a 2007 Ford Focus, with a half-built roll cage, kill switch, fire suppression, etc. I'll be dragging it to the track today, and wrenching, welding, what have you, over the weekend, with the goal of getting it on the track for a lap on Sunday some time. If you happen to have some free time and want to lend a hand, I'd sincerely appreciate any help. We're in garage 34 and I'll be there before 12PM.

Thank you very much!


Re: Colonel Angus needs your help! (Sonoma Raceway 12/2/2022)

This is the type of shit the promoters would like to hear about.It makes for a good story in the wrap-up videos,and who knows,they might even be able to steer some help your way.......Good Luck,and I hope you make it onto the track at some point.

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Re: Colonel Angus needs your help! (Sonoma Raceway 12/2/2022)

You can meet him by the bushy thicket....

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