Topic: Epa crackdown… are we on the clock?

So in 2021 the Epa started fining some smaller speed shops who sold “emissions defeat devices”.  Without getting too wonky it seems that it all started with the coal rollers and has now expanded in scope- see the recent article in Road and Track.  They now appear to take the position that it’s illegal to mod a car where an impact is made on emissions EVEN if it is a race car and not registered.    How much jeopardy is grass roots racing facing?   Help keep me off the ledge!

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Re: Epa crackdown… are we on the clock?

It's been a thing for a while:

That said, they seem mostly to be going after shops selling "defeat devices" not actual racers. Simple answer, really. Don't sell devices that modify the emissions systems on cars covered by the regulations.

Also, don't be a shop that sold diesel tuners at any point. That seems to be a triggering factor.

Or, race cars that were never covered by the EPA. Old or gray market for me.

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