Topic: Is this the solution for the sunday morning driver?

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Re: Is this the solution for the sunday morning driver?

Water is the best hangover relief. Preferably starting right after drinking. All the alka seltzer adds is some vitamins and pain killers.

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Re: Is this the solution for the sunday morning driver?

alcohol, which will work as a diuretic and is dehydrating,  (plus lack of sleep, exhaust fumes, heat exhaustion, dehydration, physical exertion, and banging your head against the wall figuring out electrical gremlins) at a race all contribute to the hang over feeling
Plus lack of salt, electrolytes....gotta eat the chips!
so yup, water is the best prevention for hangover....but if it is too late, it will help you get over it faster add the salts, electrolytes...
aspirin, motrin, aleve, etc might be a temporary , partial fix, but it would suck if the pounding head ache came back Sunday in the middle of your diving shift....
my rule of thumb is one glass of water per serving of alcohol....

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