Topic: What is the Vannonball Run?

The time has ALMOST come!

I expect, unless Kickstarter has a problem with it, to announce the funding campaign for The Vannonball Run on Friday.

Phase 1. I am looking for 4 drivers at each of three races: Thunderhill, May 27-28, High Plains, June 3-4, and NJMP, June 10-11.
Seats are 1,200 apiece. That includes hotel, food, fuel, seat time, any test and tune, and if you need any equipment.  A true arrive and drive.

Phase 2. I am seeking sponsors! As much as possible, I'd like to find sponsors for stuff that isn't directly related to racer experience: food on the trip, fuel for transport, etc. Sponsors will have a lot of flexibility in what they want for their money. I'm using this trip to kickstart my Youtube channel Dum N Tuf TV.

Phase 3. If people get really excited, we'll try to raise up to another 10 grand so I can tow along my video guy and have him make the videos real good.

Yes, stupidly ambitious. Probably a manifestation of winter-induced manic desire to go outside and do stuff. Definitely going to be fun. Enjoy this first taste of Dum N Tuf TV, an introduction to the RACEVAN!(tm)

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