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Topic: Urgently Need Fire Suppression Tank - NorCal

Howdy Bench-Racers!

Finn of Stanford student idiocy here. We're in a pickle!

Bringing a new car to Thunderhill next weekend; a '93 Mazda 323 that was prepped for Lemons a few years ago but never entered. We noticed the car's fire suppression system was past the 2-year service interval, and have UPS'd it to Kentucky for servicing. However, I'm almost certain it's not gonna make it back to us in time before the race (given ground shipping delays).

Is there anyone out there (anywhere in California) who would be willing to rent/sell us a tank + head? Could come pick up from you and pay you a few hundred bucks; and would of course replace in the case it were used/damaged. Even out of a car not racing next weekend etc.

Ours is a Stroud Safety 8.5lb bottle charged with FE36. See photo below.

All other thoughts/suggestions much appreciated! Can't wait to break bread with you all (and have our asses handed to us) next weekend!

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1boRu-1 … sp=sharing

Re: Urgently Need Fire Suppression Tank - NorCal

I've got an idea that might not be helpful but shot you a PM.

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