Topic: How do you post pics here?

I got a 2007 Ford Fusion from a police auction and am currently convering it for the 2024 New Hampshire race. 

I want to post pics of the conversion journey, but can't see how to here.  Please help!  Thank you all.

Re: How do you post pics here?

You host the images somewhere, I use Imgur.  Then you use the img button to insert the link.  You might need a few posts before you can insert a link. 

The code looks like "[img]picture_url[/img]" without the quotes.

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Re: How do you post pics here?

Welcome to the forum!

I use ''; and, I've created a free account so that I may control the pics after uploading. Otherwise, I wasn't able to find out how to delete them uploading as a 'guest'.

I also suggest you review the "stickies" in the 'Lemons Newcomers' subfolder; there's a veritable TON of good information there from many experienced builders about how to navigate your way around Lemons.

I lurked here for a year and a half before even registering, learning from all the previous posts. And I still have questions.

Many new builder questions have already been answered numerous times, and it's also interesting to see how things have changed over time.

Re: How do you post pics here?

Thank you.  I'm sure I'll ask again. 

So it's probably ideal to get a bunch of pics together than just one or two at a time. 

Yea, I've stalked the forums for a month or two now.  Rookie team planning the NH 2024 Lemons race.  I have go kart experienced and one of my drivers has rally experience.  Team is together, all 4 of us are between 5'9" and 5'11", except one guy is 6'7".  Looking at adjustable seat info has been good here. 

I was given a link to a police auction in Salem, NH and scored a 2007 Ford Focus for $550, and auction fees brought it up to $624.  Luckily I got some places that will buy interior parts off it. 

Planning on going this year to observe, ask a crap ton of questions and take a lot of notes. 

Thank you.

Re: How do you post pics here?

You might want to look at a Kirkey aluminum seat to get it as low as possible for your 6'7" driver.  Get your seat and your tallest driver with helmet in the car before you start your cage.

Team whatever_racecar #745 Volvo wagon

Re: How do you post pics here?

I saw that.  Dilemma.  We're also looking at an XL seat as I'm a little wide, and hopefully with work will be down weight once October of 2024 arrives.  I also saw on the forums to get the big guy with helmet in before we start the cage.  Thanks!