Topic: Fall Fail-lage Ralley 2023, who’s going???

It’s a few weeks out and wondering who’s going? In what? And the thurs meet up?
You’ll see my boys and I in our blacked out 55 ford coupe “devils ride”.

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Re: Fall Fail-lage Ralley 2023, who’s going???

5%-ish chance I'll make it.  I've wanted to do Fall Failiage but I also have another "work" road trip (in the Rockies) planned either that weekend or the next, plus Classic Hondas on the Dragon the first weekend in October if I'm back in time from the road trip.  Clean, reputable hotels are also hard to find out east--I have two kinda-sorta-affordable places reserved for Boston and Bangor anyway, in case it's possible.  #EarlBurnerCivic would be the chariot of choice this time out, if I go.  Otherwise, I'm probably out of it until next year. (We'll hopefully have another Rocky Mtn. or Route 66 rally--that's the only must-do rally on my list.)

EDIT: Not in the budget, and travel prices too expensive now, so I'm out.

Waiting to see next year's schedule.


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