As Team Vannonball- won’t be racing NCM this year, we’re teaming up with Project Merkur Space Program to put that effort into an out of this world potluck!

Saturday evening (location in paddock TBD).

I’ve secured a gigantic smoker and my aunt Donna’s secret family macaroni salad recipe- I’ll bring out some major southern style sides and enough meat for many people- hopefully everyone.

Please bring a side and/or a contribution to Lemons of Love. My aim is have enough meat for over 100 and a few sides- so I’ll need some help there.

I’d love to turn out a big donation to LoL!

RSVP and dibs on sides, please drop in the thread.

If you’re gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough.


We're slamming a heavy cooler full of assorted sausage from our local 137 year old smokehouse/packer to get smoked up on site by Zac.

Will also bring (hopefully enough) napkins & wet naps, trash bags, plates and cutlery to cover everyone that shows up.

Zac's the real hero here, make sure to donate graciously to the fundraising efforts!

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I want dibs on a keg of Mead, a keg of Rice beer/wine-type substance, and a keg of coffee porter.

Everybody grab your brooms, it's shenanigans!