Topic: Crazy Mike looking for A&D at Butt-Willow

If you don't know of me, it's 'cause life has sucked for the last year or so.
I'm one of the Yaris drivers as of recent - until we sold the car anyhow
I msg'd Neal re towing his bad idea from Berkeley, but I don't currently have a seat in any race car...
I'm a community college teacher on a budget like you might know - some of my students make more than I
So  - No V-8's or things that blow through fuel, tires and brakes like a kid goes through shoes and cell phones...
(The Yaris cost less than many people spend on food to run a weekend)
Whatchya got?

I can drive to team orders. I can also do Sunday last-stint traffic w/o hurting the car or soiling the seat. I can Also "Burn it down" when so instructed (last team orders were Yaris "go Humiliate the A-cars with you C-car and when asked about the tires and brakes, the cap't said "Burn 'em down" - so we did both of those things - Yaris...

The only trophy "My Team" when I had one hadn't got is A-class and Heroic Fix - tho we have no idea why not on the latter.

Sadly, you don't get Amanda's Kitchen with me, nor her stupendous ability to make pit stops quick = but I do know the market at Lost Hills for food like it's a second home, and I can instruct/plan pretty well for good stops.

Anyone? Ideas?

Re: Crazy Mike looking for A&D at Butt-Willow

I don't have an extra seat, but if you need power you can run an extension from my garage and park in back.  I think I am in 7. 

Robb #745 Volvo wagon.

Team whatever_racecar #745 Volvo wagon