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Topic: Tax-Deductible Lemons Cars? Make your $ Count DOUBLE

My Wife, Sister-in-Law, Mother-in-Law, Father-in-Law, and Father are all Cancer Survivors.

Some of you may know that I started my Lemons career in 2009 with a 1960's Austin Mini. A car club my wife and I belong to built the Mini in 10 weeks time and it went on to win the IOE at that Buttonwillow event. What you may not know is that AFTER we had committed to supporting this Lemons effort with the club, my wife Megan was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  I said, "Well, there's no way we are doing this Lemons thing now" to which she replied, "Oh yes you are. We are going to keep our lives as normal as possible."

In that 10 weeks time, while an Austin Mini was being built in our driveway, my wife (like my Sister-in Law before her) learned she carried the BRCA1 gene mutation and underwent a prophylactic double mastectomy and oophorectomy to mitigate her chances of her cancer returning. While I was building my second Lemons car, the ScHitroen, my wife was undergoing her first 12 weeks of chemotherapy. The spring 2010 Lemons race at Sonoma, where she dressed as part of our theme "Air Prance, Oui-Oui Can-Can", was the first public outing she made since completing those initial rounds. No eyebrows. No hair on her head. Just a garter belt as a headband to top off her satin-red Can-can dress.

I know there are similar Cancer stories to ours out there in our Lemons community and I hope they are becoming fewer and fewer.

Towards that goal, Every Year, my wife dives head-first into American Cancer Society's "Making Strides" event. While the event highlights Breast Cancer during the month of October, the funds raised go towards the fight against all forms of Cancer. THIS YEAR, my wife's employer Northrup Grumman has committed MATCHING FUNDS (up to $150K) for every dollar she raises with her team. To make sure American Cancer Society receives those matching funds, you can contribute through either of these two links, both of which have Northrup Grumman team as part of the name.

This first link goes through my wife's specific portal and gives her the "kudos" for raising the funds.
http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR?px=80 … Id=2488281

This link is for her Team and shares the "kudos" with all of the members she has joined up with.
http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR?team_ … Id=2488281

So how do you get a tax-deductible Lemons car? If you decide you want any of the cars I'm currently trying to part with, a Peugeot 404 (or two), a Gen1 MINI Cooper (or two), or perhaps a caged Prius that previously was powered by a Harley Davidson motor, or maybe a caged Austin America hastily built in Houston and that keeps coming back to me like a case of Herpes... (find the ads in the Cars for Sale subforum) Tell me what it/they are worth to you, tell me when you can come get them off the property in Escondido, CA (ASAP preferred) and make your donation directly to one of the links provided above and VOILA!  Oh, and talk to your tax attorney. I don't see this as a "purchase", but your tax accountant may have other thoughts.

Likewise, if you DON'T WANT one of these car to show up in front of your house overnight, a small donation to one of the above links will go a long ways to ensuring that won't happen...

Thanks for reading and please feel free to share the above links with those who are looking for a cause to contribute to.


Re: Tax-Deductible Lemons Cars? Make your $ Count DOUBLE

I should have added that my wife has no idea I made this post.  It has been kinda fun to hear her say with a BIG SMILE on her face the past few days "So-and-so donated to my page today. I don't know that person, do you?"  She has also received some touching messages, so to those of you who have reached out to her in support, a very sincere and heartfelt Thank You. (she's figured out I did SOMETHING but doesn't know what)

And for those of you who have clicked on and gone on to read this, Thank You as well.

At the time of this particular post, there are over 400 views. Imagine if every one who clicked just chipped in $1, it would magically turn in to $2, and that would be over $800 more to American Cancer Society

NOW, can you IMAGINE how big of a smile I would see if my wife got a donation on her page of a few hundred $ AND she saw a car towed out of the yard?!!1!1!!1!!?

The walk is this weekend, but her company will wait a few additional weeks to make sure all of the donations from various sources have closed before they make their final match (I think she said the Facebook donations take some time to process before they show up, or something like that).

Anyway, Thank You again if you've even cared enough to simply just read this far. I recognize Support takes many forms.