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Topic: Project Honda $500/bo - Oakland CA - Gone

Imagine a 90's 5-Speed Manual 2-Door Honda Civic that dreams of becoming a racetrack legend. The engine still hums with anticipation, yearning for the day it can unleash its full power.

Now, let's address the quirks – this rebel without a clue has shed its cat and battery, embracing a no-nonsense attitude for a lighter, swifter performance.  The right-side wheels decided to tango with a curb, leaving behind a tale of daring maneuvers and pavement showdowns. The bodywork wears its scars like badges of honor, telling a tale of a life lived on the edge.

This car is yearning for a second chance, eager to embrace the track and leave its tire marks as a testament to its renewed spirit.

If you're still with us, probably wondering what's going on, here are some more grounded details: 

Car is a Theft Recovery in Northern California, engine still turns over and someone drove the car like they stole it, well because they did. 

Posting here to see if anyone might be interested and the car should be available in a few weeks.

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Re: Project Honda $500/bo - Oakland CA - Gone

This car is available now. We welcome all reasonable and unreasonable offers.  The vehicle is situated in close proximity to Oakland, CA.

In the event that no expressions of interest are received, we are contemplating donating it to Kars4Kids. This would contribute to the funding of additional airtime for their jingle. Given the general sentiment towards that song, it might be considered a service to humanity to transform this into a Lemons car.

We maintain a certain level of flexibility regarding the timeline, although our preference is for the car to find a new home soon.

Re: Project Honda $500/bo - Oakland CA - Gone

Car is still available and I'm about to attempt the comedic equivalent of a Hail Mary pass. I am going to give this one last shot - Bueller... Bueller...

You know, when even the silence in the room starts taking attendance, you might be in trouble.

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Re: Project Honda $500/bo - Oakland CA - Gone

Apologies, this plan hit a flat note, much like the Kars4Kids jingle. Looks like this car is destined to help fund the serenade! Thanks for the interest – I appreciate it more than my morning coffee, and that's saying a latte!