Topic: ISO set of 17x8.5 wheels in 5x114.3

Our team is looking for a full set of used wheels in good condition. We've been running 2013 STi wheels for the last few years but they are HEAVY. We're trying to save weight and pick up a little acceleration by going down in wheel/ OAL circumference. the full deets, its a 97 Monte carlo(Supra) that we Cobalt SS swapped the entire front subframe on, with later Impala police car rear suspension and brakes, to get everything on one bolt pattern we bought some bougie high end wheel adapters in the size of the wheels we had acquired. So we're kinda married to the STi fitment for now. Ideally we need stock offset ET55. We've been running 245/40/18 Hankook RS4s but we'd like to go a little wider, possibly 255 or 265. Fenders can be massaged but we already have clearance issues with the inner chassis so we can't go further inboard. Price? Well, this is Lemons so hopefully cheap lol.  We are located in and around southern Worcester county MA, and North Eastern CT close to Thompson Speedway.