Topic: Ford tool?

Does anyone have the bleeding tool for a Ford electronic master cylinder in a 1991 Super Coupe Thunderbird?

We are headed to Road Atlanta with no brakes and I feel like that is a terrible idea.

Re: Ford tool?

Coming from the Merkur world, I can sympathize with your plight of trying to find an essentially unobtanium tool. However, it looks like the entry list doesn't have any entries that share the same hydroboost/brake system that the SC Thunderbirbs had.

My advice would be to see if you can find nearby or en-route classic car mechanics and start calling them to see if any seem knowledgable and potentially helpful.

Also, check FB Marketplace and Craigslist for anyone selling a similar car, and see if they have the tool on hand and wouldn't mind you bleeding the brakes on your trailer passing by.

There might be some manual bleeding you can do, I forget exactly what the tool does (something about opening ABS valves or whatnot). But the best long term solution would be to replace all that junk with some other kit that doesn't depend on that tool (obviously a bit late for that in the 11th hour now).

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Re: Ford tool?

You can manually bleed the brakes by turning on the key.
This will energize the accumulator pump and allow the fluid to flow.
I've had my high school students bleeding brakes on the same year S/C,
so I'm pretty sure you can, too.

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