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Happy Holidays!

1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera S (and don't forget the S!) - $2500, Twin Lakes (WI). The Bluey-themed car at Road America and a former IOE winner. Now swapped with a 3800.

1990 Honda Civic - $1800, Patrick, SC -  "Built" D16 with a Turbo, definitely the recipe for endurance racing success.

Stripped Honda Civic shell - $500, Jacksonville, FL - Not built, but already a bare shell. Domination imminent.

1987 Toyota Supra - $3000, Dallas, TX - Old-school car, been making the rounds on the social medias. Blown motor, may as well put a 20R in it and run it in C.

1986 Toyota MR2 - $8000, Denver, Co - Car has been around a while. Would guess a few people on the forums here have driven this car.

1979 Mazda RX-7 + Parts Car - $4500, Plano, TX - Lots of info, more than I want to read. Anyway, probably hasn't raced Lemons in a decade or so.

1993 Mazda Miata w/Mercedes Supercharger - $4000, Dayton, NV - Didn't know this was a thing, but damn. That's a bold strategy to shove Kompressor boost in a Miata.

1995 Honda Civic w/B18B swap - $4000, Reno, NV

2003 Acura RSX Type-S - $6000, Santa Rosa, CA - Pretty sure this was a former Grand-Am Challenge car these dudes scored and brought to Lemons. Got a bunch of laps...been sitting for at least five years now. Also have/had the RX-7 pictured next to it, not sure if it's for sale.

1990 Honda Accord - $1000, Santa Cruz, CA - Been for sale for a while.

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RX7 looks to have been built to 2010 or earlier rules with external kill switch and molded plastic seat. … 491289817/

1990 RX7 "Mazdarita"  1964 Sunbeam Imp (IOE 2013 Sears Pointless) 2002 Jaguar x-type (Winner C-Class 2021 Sears Pointless)
Gone bye-bye
1994 Jaguar XJ12 (Winner C-Class 2013 Sears Pointless)  1980 Rover SD1 (I Got Screwed 2014 Return of Lemonites)