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Topic: Nearly new G-Force 2layer 2pc suit + Sparco gloves and shoes $400 VA

Hi everyone -

I'm a long-time DE'r who spent a lovely weekend last summer with y'all driving my first race ever @ NJMP. It was a hoot, with a great community, but I'm moving and won't be able to do it again for a very long time. So better the gear gets used than sits in storage.

I ended up with a 2 piece suit as I'm shaped like a sexy barrel on short stilts and the one-piece that fit around my middle was like a tent with octopus-length sleeves and legs.

If you're portly (46 jacket, 36/38 pants) with medium sized feet and hands this is the gear for you. SFI-5 2 layer suit so you don't need fireproof undies, although that's probably a good idea with any 2 piece.

Anyway, I have:

1x G-Force G-Limit SFI-5 jacket, black with red accents, size XXL
1x G-Force G-Limit SF-5 pants, black, size L
1pr Sparco Race 2 shoes, size 10.5, red
1pr Sparco SFI 3.2a/5 Land+ gloves, size 13, red

All used for one event (more like 1/2 since we had some issues), then cleaned strictly according to instructions. Guaranteed 99 44/100 % non-skanky.

Cost new was $800. I'll ship it anywhere in the US for $300. Haven't figured out posting pix but happy to send them to you.


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Re: Nearly new G-Force 2layer 2pc suit + Sparco gloves and shoes $400 VA

Apparently I can't remember what I wrote between the title and the body. Price is $300 shipped.