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Topic: Lemons Aid @ I Will Allways Call It Sears Point

I looked for a thread, but didn't find one. Anyone know how this will be run? Team Two Many Wheels is totally into helping, but as you all well know, while racing we all have a lot going on. Will this be in our pit, or do we have to hump all our tools and attention over to the penalty box?

Does anyone have anymore information on how much the teams will be doing, and what times it will be going on? I was going to send an email to the Lemons, but I thought a public conversation would help more people get informed than just us. If no one knows what's going on, I'll email and report back.


Re: Lemons Aid @ I Will Allways Call It Sears Point

Heres the bulk of an email I recieved a couple days ago....
Two days ago, we announced the inaugural Lemons Aid charity car-fix (happening on Saturday, 5 December at the Sonoma Season-Ender). Just 48 hours later, two great companies have already reached out to donate some much-needed supplies: Longtime partner PEAK called up to offer their oils, antifreeze, brake fluid, and wiper blades, while EBC volunteered to provide their outstanding brake pads and rotors.

So yes, Lemons Aid recipients will stop and cool better than your racecar. Sorry. You should have friends as good as these guys.

Remember, Lemons Aid helps families in need keep their cars on the road for work, school, and life. To help make that happen, email lemonsaid@24hoursoflemons.com to sign up to wrench at Sonoma, or see LeMonsAid.org for more info.

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Re: Lemons Aid @ I Will Allways Call It Sears Point

Sorry to bring the thread back from the dead, but what ever happened with Lemons Aid? I ask because I do a some work with handing out meals to the homeless in the Northeast Philadelphia area and about 50% of the people live in their cars. Most of these cars appear to be needing some work and it got me wondering what happened to Lemons Aid. If I remember correctly it was mostly a west coast thing, but I want to say there was an event in Chicago at one point years ago. I see that the website is not longer up so I figured I would ask in here and maybe hopefully bring it back from the dead if it is dead.

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I'm guessing there were insurmountable liability problems.  I participated once at Sonoma and loved doing it.  But as I was replacing pads and rotors on a Honda minivan (exactly like those on my race honda) I was thinking about the risk associated with having amateurs, like me, doing repair and maintenance on those very neglected cars.

I know the work I did helped that family out. But what if I had under torqued the lugs and the wheel came off their way home? This is something that has never ever ever ever ever ever happened to our race team, except for that one time.

I could imagine the whole race series could have ended up liquidated and converted into legal fees. If that happened then Jay, Nick, and all the rest would have to go out and get real jobs, they might even have to go back to writing for Corvette Magazine!  Nobody wants that.