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Good afternoon, friends and bmw drivers.

Among other aspects, such as being the paramount automotive achievement of 2024, the Vannonball is also working towards being the premier philanthropic effort of the year.

Our goal is to raise 23,000 dollars- that’s $1,000 per race- for Lemons of Love. One of the ways we’re going to do this is hosting a potluck at the races that don’t have an established host (and helping out at the ones that do).

For Barber, I’ve been told it’s not a tradition because it’s usually too cold to hang out.

I am going to attempt to overcome this problem with some heaters, shelter, and hot food.

Saturday night, 7 o’clock, at a location to be announced at the track, I will be cooking up a big ole pot of chili and a load of hot dogs, to be served in the most comfortable and warm space I can create with given resources.

You can help! Here’s how:
1. Plan on coming and message below, so I can start calculating how much food to make.
2. Bring something to share! My goal is to make enough chili for many, but man doesn’t live on chili alone.
3. If you have spare walled eazy ups or heaters that can be easily moved and borrowed for the evening, let me know! (717 829 7445)
4. Be generous with the hat that will get passed!

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Re: Barber Potluck for LoL!


Half Fast Racing will bring at least one 20k BTU propane heater, and one or two smaller ones (indoor safe).   

Will also bring brats and buns for 24-30 folks, probably a bunch more food.

I have a spare canopy, but it isn't enclosed. Let me know if you need it.

I can borrow a few tables, let me know if you need them.


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Re: Barber Potluck for LoL!

Duff Beer Racing will be bringing two kegs of home brew and on keg of cider. We can bring pop ups and walls (we have at least three 10X10, one 10X15, and a 10X20). If someone has some indoor compatible heaters we could make a nice sized room.

If we use the semi enclosed penalty box and then put the walled canopies on the outside edges. We could wall off a good sized space, and it could be bearable.

We also have a good sized chaffing pan and steno (as race teams do) we can bring.

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Hey there! My Little Neon will contribute for food. We’ll bring a crock pot of chili with fixin’s and as much hot apple crisp as we can fit in a 25-quart slow cooker. I’ll PM you to coordinate what else you need for food or supplies, as we’re usually doing food prep the whole weekend for several teams (10-30pp).

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Team MonacEAUX, Cleverly Hillbilly, Black Beauty, Smokin' Hot Flashes, Purolator the Urinator etc etc will bring some venison/pork sausage tidbits with mustard & crackers for appetizers.

We olny ask you folks to try to leave our paint on as you pass us on the track. Lemons Krazy Folks

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Silent But Deadly will bring some form of dessert

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Carvivor will bring some homemade corn bread to go with that chili.

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Temps are expected to be in the 50's Saturday night and no rain. Don't think the canopy/heater village will be necessary. Just bring a hoodie/jacket.