Topic: Barber 2024 - Entry List & Tech Times

Big field and a good mix of everything. Should be a fun race: Comanche and Dakota with the same(ish) engine, Grand Cherokee, both Dodge Celebrity Challenge cars, Pinto-powered Opel GT, Rabbit Diesel, and our first Jaguar XJ in a long time.

Excel version here.

Note: Because of the size of the field, we will start Tech, BS, and Gear Tech @ 11 am instead of noon. Yeah, it's tight on time for a 9 am gate; if you can't make it at the beginning with an 11-12 time slot, just show up at 4 or if you've got a fresh build, come talk to me and we'll find a time slot to get you in. 

Tech Times are here and on the event page..

Supreme Court are:

Judge Eric (me)
Judge Craig (Terminally Confused/South Carolina)
Judge Kristen (TCT/"Save the Chevy Vegas," Alabama)
Judge Chris (Tetanus Racing/Colorado & Houston)

Eric Rood
Everything Bagel, 24 Hours of Lemons