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Me and a couple of my friends are planning on coming from Dallas to go to the Cain't Git Bayou 2024 race in March. I’ve always thought the Tour de Lemons was cool but have never been able to participate.

I would like to know what we should expect being a spectator.
•    Do we need to buy tickets right now or can it wait till we get there?
•    What all is there to do if you’re not racing?
•    Is there a specific hotel most people stay at?
•    I’d also be curious to know what it’s like being on a team. It seems like a lot of fun, but I don’t know what the commitment level is. We’re all dads so that takes up most of our time.

Thanks in advance.

Re: How to Spectate? Cain't Git Bayou 2024

You can buy tix at the gate...a $30 admission is good for the whole weekend (Friday-Sunday) Unlike some other race series,you can go (practically) anywhere in the pits/paddock areas.
If you are not racing,and are interested in racing,spend the time prowling the paddock and talking to the teams.You will get an idea of what it takes to put together a race weekend.Unless the car is horribly busted,most teams will talk your ears off about the car and team setup.
There is not an official hotel,as most racers spend the weekend at the track,either camping or RVing

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Re: How to Spectate? Cain't Git Bayou 2024

You can pretty much go anywhere except for the fueling areas.  Friday afternoon tech inspections are fun, Saturday night parties are also fun.

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Re: How to Spectate? Cain't Git Bayou 2024

Also, read the "stickies" in this Lemons Newcomers thread - your questions have been answered in depth several times. And, you'll be surprised what you find there - it's an entertaining read (in my opinion).