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Does anyone near central Kentucky have a 3x helmet I could try on? My nephew has a 3x Zamp and it is very tight on my melon. Bell offers a 4x but it is $550. I was hoping that maybe a racequip or other brand would fit different. My motorcycle helmet in a flip up 4x or a 5x fixed chin.

Unless someone knows of a race shop in Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana or Ohio that keeps helmets in stock to try. Weather is getting nice. I could take the scooter for a spin one Saturday.

Re: 3x helmet

As for shops to try:
Summit racing near Akron, Ohio
JEGs in Columbus, Ohio
Iron Pony in Columbus, Ohio (motorcycle helmet focused, but can help you find sizing that works).

Or find a place online with a free return policy on fitment, get the bell, and return it if its not right.

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Re: 3x helmet

Keep in mind that different brands may fit slightly differently based on your particular head shape.  Some folks have regular melons, some have wider than "standard", and some have longer/narrower than "standard". Some brands may fit you better than others do in the same size.