Topic: Cadillac STS-V / Eaton M122 supercharger - $600, Colorado

So there I was, wrangling a line pressure cable out from under an LS400 in a Colorado junkyard. After a successful harvest, I spotted a Cadillac on my way out. Who cares, just another wrecked STS, right? But hark! What is this extra pulley on top? Turns out there’s a supercharger for a 4.4L Northstar based on an Eaton M122.

I yanked the whole supercharger, intercooler, fuel rails, and injectors, but they wanted a lot more for the throttle body so I left it. I don’t own a Cadillac motor, and I’m sad seeing this unused. It would be in better hands with another Lemons team.

I have zero ideas what is missing from this thing, and I don’t even know that it makes pressure. It spins free and sounds like it’s gulping air, though. Some parts are obviously MIA. Someone had gotten there before me and swiped the front of the intercooler inlet, and some bolts are similarly gone from their attempt.

I’m located in Berthoud, CO, and I’m asking $600.

Re: Cadillac STS-V / Eaton M122 supercharger - $600, Colorado

Dang it, if nobody buys this, I’m going to be forced to do something stupid with a 1UZ