Topic: Hi-Res Pix Needed

Greetings Citrus-heads!  I am in need of some high-resolution pictures from past events... really cool action shots, people and group shots, dead-car shots, and especially the really creative theme shots... all the wacky stuff we've come to know and expect.  I'll take whatever you've got so I can gather the top 20-30 for a project I'm working on.  I can't guarantee photo credits, millions of dollars, a permanent position with Road & Truck magazine or anything like that.  Maybe a free beer at the next race?  E-mail is one option ( but I am looking for hi-res, so the process may be a little limited.  Download is better, if you can provide me with the link and info.  Or, if you don't mind, a CD-ROM sent to me with jpg, gif or ai photos is the absolute best.

Team 31 - RMP
P.O. Box 1541
Morgan Hill, CA 95038



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