Topic: New track in AZ! Attesa Raceway/Podium Club

Unfortunately it's another Member only type of deal, same as Inde Motorsports Ranch, but maybe the fine folks at Lemons can get us in there next year so we can grease up another track!

It's halfway between Tucson and Phoenix so should be easy to get to, even for the So Cal folks!


Re: New track in AZ! Attesa Raceway/Podium Club

Seems like there was a discussion a few years back about this track in Casa Grande.  Someone from the Lemons community (i.e. one of us, not HQ) spoke to the owner who was open to the idea but not on the initial track.  Plans are/were to build multiple tracks on the property.

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Re: New track in AZ! Attesa Raceway/Podium Club

Same type of deal, but so far the cost of a membership is significantly less. It's not super cheap, but last time I talked to the sales team there were options that fit on a normal-sized credit card.

Oh, yep, there it is

As threatened, it's gone up since they broke ground... but still not Inde levels.

Inde starts at like $45k buy-in plus annual dues last time I checked.

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