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I was looking into bringing an infinity j30 to Lemons and I can't seem to find any roll cage kits for the car. Could anyone help point me in the right direction of what I could do in the whole roll cage department?

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Step 1, tell us where you are so that someone can tell you if there are local builders near you.

If you're confident in your welding skills there are a number of places that will custom bend a kit and ship to you based on measurements you send them. Roll Cage Components is one, there are others.

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Greenville, SC

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I've ordered and installed cages from Roll Cage Components before and will again with projects that have no deadline for me to get off my lazy butt and weld them in .  I got my last cage done by Big Dog Motorsports in Rockhill SC and will have them do more for me also.

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There are 2 (one is in indefinite retirement) J30's in Lemons. Pi-Nuts and Team Infinniti.

I drove the now parked Pi-Nuts car which had a 300ZX Manual transmission swap. It was a great A class car.

See if either of them can get you some pictures/ find out what they wish they had done diffrent.

I would recommend however to find a local cage builder for the job. They can see in their head what to do like magic.

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Try 95One Motorsports in Anderson SC

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Roll cage components did a great job on my cage