Topic: '72 MGB: alternative fuel+air mixing options?

I'm clearly out of my league with this.

Quick question, because I need to get this gone by tomorrow morning:

Any replacement or aftermarket [carb / fuel-air mixing things] reasonably available?

This t-boned MGB was hit - HARD - on the driver's side.

The carb has been broken by the impact - one or two of the coolant line nipples are not the same as they were (best guess). And it looks like the housing for the air filter is gone, also.

My original thought was to pull the drivetrain - primarily for the experience of doing it. But a few days of elder care took me away from this project, and yes: now I'm behind the 8-ball, as tomorrow afternoon I have to collect some materials using this same trailer.

Conveniently, a scrap yard is on the way to my vendor.

But I'd hate to scrap the drive train if there's an option to repair / replace the carburetor.

Sorry for the panic info request - I usually research before asking.

Re: '72 MGB: alternative fuel+air mixing options?

Personal opinion only, that drivetrain is the least valuable item on an MGB. They make no power but are oddly both durable and is the secondary systems (carb, ignition,etc) that make the cars unreliable.  The valueof an MGB is the not rusted parts.

Re: '72 MGB: alternative fuel+air mixing options?

Understood. So if there's a replacement carb option, i might be able to turn this into a running paperweight.

There's not much straight on this anymore.


LF corner:

Next, showing how far back the fender is from the tire (just above):


Driver's seating (w/driver's door in the passenger seat, because there's really no A-pillar position left):

Re: '72 MGB: alternative fuel+air mixing options?

I see I am late to the party... what do you want for the engine, trans, and driveshaft? I'll take broken carbs and whatever. I have terrible ideas for this and shouldn't even be considering this at this time... but seriously, I'm on the same side of the country at the moment.

I also have a secret stash of MG parts on the wrong side of the country.

That guy

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Re: '72 MGB: alternative fuel+air mixing options?

Never too late until it's gone (forum email shortly sent).

*** which might be by 10am 09/19/22; I have a load to collect in the morning - see OP  - unless otherwise resolved ***

Re: '72 MGB: alternative fuel+air mixing options?

If it's just the carbs, I have some strombergs that should bolt up in place of the SUs.

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Re: '72 MGB: alternative fuel+air mixing options?

Thanks for the posts; it's still here

... pending more info ...