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Topic: BMW E30 V8 swap - Previously raced - $3000 - San Francisco, CA

Up for sale is a 1985 BMW E30 with a V8 M60 swap. This car was previously raced in Lemons (but not by us) and is a great starting point for a team interested in the E30 platform (god help you). Our team purchased the car and the M60 motor and the swap is nearly complete but we have decided to go a different direction (like, a less frustrating one). Needs some TLC to get it back on the track but overall a great car (if you're into this sort of thing).

We will not be able to start it up for you in its current storage location but there is a video of it ("ran when parked, here is a video to prove it") along with some photos in this album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/eCp6TX7yMtARPiyt5.


  • Previously raced E30 that is caged and has passed Lemons tech
    M60B40 V8 engine swap
    Getrag 420G 6 speed manual transmission
    Motor runs and sounds great
    New custom headers
    Modified E46 M3 exhaust 
    New battery
    New motor mounts and oil line housing
    All fluids flushed and replaced
    Lots of spare parts


  • Motor does not idle and will need some additional fine tuning
    Needs new electric radiator fans
    Cage will need one additional bar on each door (rules were updated since it was last raced) — I have spoken with John Pagel and the cage is otherwise ready to go
    Cockpit and gauges are sort of a mess: it’s all there but you’ll need a Saturday afternoon and five beers to put it back together
    Lots of other small jobs (reattach bumper covers and tail lights, install new brake reservoir, etc.) to get it ready for the track. We have the parts for all of the small jobs we know about.


  • Does not come with seat shown in some of the pics
    Our team has not personally raced this car
    Mileage unknown on everything
    We have not driven the car so can’t vouch for the transmission (the previous owners told us that it did fine in its last race)
    There are no guarantees in life or in race cars and none are offered here
    Willing to negotiate on price if you have read this far and can make it easy on us (i.e. just show up with cash and a trailer and don’t ask me a million questions)