Topic: 280ZX Race Car, Corpus Christi, $5000 OBO

Car was previously raced in Lemons, WRL & Champcar thru 2019. The car needs minimal work to get on track. Very little rust and race damage. Overall straight unibody.

We had a team of 2 cars, but since 2020 everyone on the team slowly, but surely have have moved on. Car and all the racing parts inventory has been sitting just waiting on a new team. I had intentions to reboot it, but simply do NOT have enough time or local team mates.

High level overview:

Fully built legal race car for WRL, Lemons & Champcar
FIA Fuel Cell
Rebello stroker engine
Holey Racing Carb
Big Brakes
3.90 Final Drive
Coil Overs w/ extra springs

Including, tons of $$$ in NIB racing extra parts, plus hard to source Nissan S30 parts i.e. extra rear ends, front struts, heads, clutch kits, brake parts, axles. Just look at the photos. This is a Nissan S30 gold mine big_smile

Car will need the engine wired back up, since it was previously used in a different car. And will also need some head or engine work. Low compression on one of the cylinders. But engine turns over and runs as is....with a rebuild this is a powerful setup. Very competitive to say the least. We won overall at MSR houston with this engine back in Nov 2019.

See photos.

If you have any questions and or want to discuss contact me thru email:

Located in TX, but will help coordinate sale as needed.

Re: 280ZX Race Car, Corpus Christi, $5000 OBO

++ photos from the original build in 2016. Cheers!!!

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I sent you an email on this. Interested.

Re: 280ZX Race Car, Corpus Christi, $5000 OBO

replied to all emails & inquiries. Car still available and ready to sell.